Animation for Re*Mapping Leipzig / 2022

This animated short film is about abortion during the GDR.

It was produced within the context of the project Re*Mapping Leipzig an APP that artistically conveys the past and present of Leipzig's women's movements and makes both forgotten histories and current conflicts visible in the urban space.

More information about  Re*Mapping Leipzig and complete film in:

Stills of the animation

Video excerpt of the animation

Animations and Sound Design: Paula Ábalos
Text: Carolin Krahl
Voice recordings and additional Sound Design: Theresa Münnich and Leni Pohl
Voices over: Lauretta van der Merve, Rebecca María Salentin and Yvi Strüwing
Thanks to Olga Vostretsova

Produced in the context of: "Eine neue Bewegung: Re*Mapping Leipzig"

© 2024 Paula Ábalos