MEMORIA / THALLWITZ -  (Work in progress)
Film installation / 2K 
This project is currently waiting to enter in the editing phase.

Experimental essay-film about the abandoned castle in Thallwitz (Saxony), once known as the "Wolfgang-Rosenthal-Klinik" during the GDR (1943-1994), an important clinic specializing in maxillofacial and biporine reconstruction. The project explores the historical archives of the castle, built at the end of the 16th century, in relation to its current state. The narrative of the film focuses from a poetic point of view on the "act of seeing" and "what is created to be seen". It  meticulously observes photographs, videos, sculptures, the castle, gardens, and other objects created to observe.
This project also addresses questions related to memory and the persistence of objects in time, and explores the convergence between elements of the past and ongoing progress.

Thanks to FAIL INSTITUTE, Manu Washaus and Petra Neustadt.

Research of the project supported by KdFS (2023)


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