Ausbeutung oder wie man die Oberflaeche durchbricht / 2020
5-Channel video-installation.
Made in collaboration with Emerson Culurgioni, Charlotte Eifler, Deborah Jeromin, Mikhail Tolmachev and Clemens von Wedemeyer

A restorer digitizes the painting by Hans Hesse on the back of the mountain altar in the church St. Annen in Annaberg-Buchholz. In the process, she gets deeper and deeper into the subject of mining, its history and working conditions. While working, she encounters a detail: a person hangs from the gallows.
Starting from the history of mining, she conducts her research through the modes of production of capitalism, the exploitation of the workforce, and thus the beginnings of the globalized economy. On five monitors, a parallel relationship between late medieval painting in the 16th century and digital picture techniques in the 21st century is told.

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